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A word from Pastor Matt

“We’re hungry for all the wrong things.  We need Lent to develop a taste for the fruit of the tree of life – that is, the fruit of the cross.” – Peter Leithart

You may have noticed that we are having an Ash Wednesday service in two weeks.  I encourage you to attend.  I know that initially this may bring many questions, assumptions or memories to mind.  Many in our congregation might think back to their catholic roots or liturgical (Customary form of worship) background.  Regardless of what you already know or don’t know about this observance I find it extremely beneficial to spiritual growth.  We cannot deny that as a people we seek regularity and repetition.  Our yearly calendar brings about particular observances and celebrations with the passing of seasons (MLK Day, Presidents Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas).  We have the same opportunities as the body of Christ.  Easter brings about a wonderful season of life, birth, beauty and a renewed sense of opportunity.  This centers, for the believer, on the glorious resurrection of our Lord and His defeat of death.  I find that all too often we want to run to the empty tomb without focusing fully on the reason why our Lord was there.  The condition of humanity left no other option than hell and eternal separation from our Creator.  The price that our Just Father demanded was greater than we will ever know; one that could only be paid through the sacrifice of His Son.
Lent, meaning ‘springtime,’ is a 40-day period and that is very purposeful.  The rains fell on the ark for 40 days, Israel wondered in the desert for 40 years, the spies searched Canaan for 40 days, Jesus fasted for 40 days and was tempted before His ministry, Jesus also stayed on earth 40 days after His resurrection.  Each of these, and there are more, was a time of reflection, cleansing, preparation and renewal.  That is our focus as a church during this time.  Each of us needs the very stark reminder that ‘you are dust and to dust you shall return.’  We need to be called back to the cross, called to repent of our sin and realize our need for spiritual renewal; our continual need of a Savior.  And so we attempt to discipline ourselves through fasting, prayer, and study in anticipation of growth, life, and resurrected renewal.  I pray that you can join us.

Grace for the journey,

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